Best Multi-Chain Crypto & NFT Wallet App: Download For Free On Android & iOS

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When digital wallets first became a reality, crypto investors were excited that for once they could have a wallet that wasn’t bursting at the seams, or making them uncomfortable when they sat down.

It didn’t take long though before a new type of discomfort showed up, as they had to manage sometimes a dozen different wallets, to keep their crypto portfolio diversified.

For years it’s been a challenge moving tokens from one wallet to another, trying to swap across chains, and often paying double or triple the fees by the time you manage to complete a transaction. Not any longer though – the BitKeep app allows you to store more than 45,000 different tokens in a single wallet – and it won’t even bulge in your back pocket.

Visit // to learn more about BitKeep, or to download the app for free.

The BitKeep app includes simplified access to more than 70 mainnets, with unique DESM encryption algorithms, as well as facial and fingerprint recognition for enhanced security. With over 10,000 DApps, BitKeep provides an all-in-one DeFi solution that is used by over 6 million users in 168 countries.

BitKeep uses multi-chain all-platform integration to optimize cryptocurrency and NFT management from a single location. You can even look for NFTs across all major platforms with a single search, and purchase NFTs using any tokens.

The latest version of the app adds an InstantGas feature, and access to Plug, Ethereum Classic, and Lucky mainnets. It also addresses NFT liquidity issues by allowing users to trade NFTs while sharing the dividends.

While other marketplaces help to increase the visibility of already popular NFTs, BitKeep assists new NFTs that are still in the early stages. To do this, the app uses a unique sharing and dividend incentive program that encourages users to promote the most interesting new NFT projects.

As the first marketplace that allows you to purchase NFTs using any crypto tokens, BitKeep already has more than 200,000 NFTs available in the marketplace, and over 1.6 million NFTs stored. The app has recently averaged $15 million in monthly NFT trading volume, making it the largest NFT market on BSC.

A satisfied user said, “By far the best Defi wallet app I have used. The best feature which I found is the contract checker. It’s a very handy and essential tool to check contracts before even adding in. Love the UI and UX. 70+ mainnets including CRO, TRX, SOL. No more separate wallets.”

Keeping a diverse crypto portfolio just got a whole lot easier – because BitKeep is the all-in-one solution we’ve been waiting for. Store all your tokens, trade on any chain, and access NFTs from every market – all with a single app on your smartphone.

Visit // to download the app for free on iOS, Android, or Chrome.

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