Play-to-Earn RPG, MMO, Racing and more Crypto Games on EOS DApp Blockchain

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EOS Games Upland

Among the most exciting developments on the EOS blockchain recently is the advancement in gaming options available to players. The EOS mainnet has long been associated with gaming, but recent developments in both old and new games alike have revived interest among those who have watched patiently as games on other chains explode.

We will go over some of the more popular games on EOS, both historically and currently. 


Massively multiplayer Strategy online blockchain EOS game MMO NFT Gold Rush Yukon WAX Boomtown

Prospectors is an MMO strategy game that immerses players in the gold rush atmosphere of the 19th century. Players engage in gamified fungible token mechanics revolving around completing jobs and launching industries or businesses in order to find, earn, and trade real world assets such as gold, wood, and tools.

Gameplay is quite simple.Each player has three workers who can perform different tasks. Players can use their workers themselves, or have them work for other players in return for a salary. In the game, every action requires labor from a worker to complete it. Even if you’re very active, you’ll need some help from others.

Originally, Prospectors had a Wild West world on EOS, but a Yukon world on WAX has since been added.Moreover, Tombstone Boomtown which just recently completed development was added as a way to engage the community by giving users a time period to complete the task of mining enough gold and constructing a railway to transport riches back to the Wild West before the water ran out. As the first Boomtown was quite successful, expect it won’t be the last.

The game itself has a fairly strong community with lots of players. The recent addition of bank deposits and withdrawals, the ability to upgrade player skills at a university, as well as the potential to integrate with teams of other dapps, the possibilities for the game seem nearly endless, retaining the appeal for the existing audience and attracting new members.


metaverse Tilia Pay NFT EOS Blockchain game Upland crypto Virtual Property Trading blockchain-based game UPX coins
buy, sell, and trade virtual properties

Upland, a metaverse mapped to the real world on the web, iOS, and Android, has been in open beta since January 2020. Upland’s in-game economy functions according to the standard economic laws of supply and demand set forth by those who are active in the gaming real estate matrix which Upland has become.

Presently, game play takes place in New York and San Francisco, but the intention is to keep adding additional cities as it progresses. According to Dapp Radar, despite having only two cities on the map, Upland accounted for 42% of the daily active wallets within the EOS gaming category in November. Besides being innovative and entertaining, Upland has a number of positive attributes.

“Upland recently introduced Tilia Pay, allowing players to earn real money by flipping properties. They will also be able to sell NFTs via their own virtual businesses (e.g. art galleries, nurseries, car dealerships, etc.).

With a series of smart updates and feature additions, the Upland team has succeeded in driving retention higher and increasing both active wallet usage and transaction volumes.

In addition to these, the Upland team has added the NYC Landmark Design Contest, Crypto Kitties Retirement Community, the 2020 Thanksgiving Hunt, and Sandbox Wars, which are essentially community competitions pitting neighborhoods against one another in a property development sandbox in anticipation of rolling out and placing 3D buildings on the Upland map.

Blankos Block Party

Massively multiplayer online MMO party game, Shooter Video Game, Party, Racing Video Mythical Game Blankos Block Party Vinyl NFT PS4 EOS Blockchain game

Blankos Block Party is a vibrant open-world multiplayer game styled like a giant block party, with a focus on custom art and design, building and exploration, and curating your collection of unique and rare Blankos.

Blankos are fun and mischievous digital vinyl characters in the game, inhabiting their own world, The Junction, in which players own and build their own universe. Based on the blockbuster Toy Story narrative, Blankos Block Party is a place where toys go when humans aren’t looking, according to the Chief Creative Officer of Mythical Games, Jamie Jackson. “We want toys to be more than just things on shelves.”.

Blankos can have their own bespoke designs, but will all have the same shape, give or take a few added accessories. Mythical games have already collaborated with several big artists in the vinyl toy world to create custom designs, including James Groman, Pete Fowler, Tara McPherson, and Kronk. When you purchase a Blanko you can see what number you have and how many there are in the world. Blankos that are seasonal or limited edition have a certain rarity. In that sense, it follows the same logic as collecting physical designer toys.

The closed beta for the crypto-fueled Roblox type of ecosystem whereby players can interact and even create their own lands and levels accessible to all via the party bus launched last November. Those who purchased early access founder’s packs with their own Blanko and other accessories entered the open beta. On December 13th, Blankos closed and burned all unsold founders packs, and the project’s second phase began for everyone who participated in closed beta.

As each Blanko has an ability tree that can be enhanced through training to give advantages such as speed, agility, shooting ability, and knocking each other over, along with the accessories they can be decked out with, the Blankos themselves appear to be in a good position to entice fans to collect, upgrade, play, and even trade those coming from the closed beta and beyond.

Chain Clash

free-to-play collectible and battle game chain clash fighting NFT EOS Blockchain game Chain clash Wombat

Chain Clash is a free-to-play action-packed fighting game in which players collect, train, and battle avatars they own. Chain Clash is like a crypto-themed Pokemon with a Tekken twist. It gives crypto enthusiasts a chance to prove their loyalty to their favorite coins and demonstrate their community’s strength.

Essentially, clan orientation around various crypto communities is a means of fighting for your most desired position in the sphere through game play and skill. A clan can also help you get the most out of the gameplay by offering you additional benefits. Currently, there are BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), EOS (EOS main net) and TRX (Tron) clans that offer equal opportunity and rewards based on individual prowess regardless of overall clan size.

Each avatar is a NFT, making these digital fighters 100% yours. In the context of clashing, they are playable characters with a set of stats or attributes. A total of four of them exist, with five tiers of rarity: common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic. The stats of an avatar can be improved through training and clashes, and even leveled up via clashes. Additionally, since the avatars reside on the EOS blockchain, all attributes ascribed to them will remain as they improve the stats. Additionally, Chain Clash features celebrity legends and mythical avatars such as Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose, John McAfee amongst others for the real die hard collectors and fans out there.

EOS Racing

EOS Blockchain game Racing Wombat

EOS Racing is a super fun casual game to kill some time while earning rewards along the way. Fire up your engines and prove that you’re the most furious racer! Collect, trade and upgrade cars and take part in daily competitions. As the platform grows through participation, each user indirectly contributes to the game in a larger way than just playing through the creation and exchange of all game items on the open market.

Competitions are held in the game where players can get rewards by burning racecar fuel and receive fuel, car parts, and even EOS. To ensure complete transparency of the race, all results can be verified on the blockchain.

Crypto Sword and Magic

EOS Blockchain game crypto sword and magic Klaytn RPG game android smart contracts

Crypto Sword and Magic is the first blockbuster turn-based role-playing game on the EOS blockchain. Based on the popular Facebook RPG Sword and Magic, the game involves raising heroes, either warriors, archers, or sorcerers. Every class has its own skill tree and items, and as you advance in levels, you can switch classes”. The game logic works on smart contracts which record all the data of heroes, equipment, and pets. The game offers standard features such as equipment upgrades, as well as a mercenary mode where other people can use your character and reward you based on their performance.

Crypto Dynasty

EOS blockchain Games Crypto Dynasty Dapp role-playing Forging Quest, Boss Raid, Material Drop Wombat wallet adrian krion

Crypto Dynasty is another quite popular EOS Dapp. Essentially, it is an idle role-playing game where players send away heroes to fight enemies or challenge each other in the Arena, with the main objective to obtain as many castles as possible. The game comes with different features that allow players to earn such as the Forging Quest, Boss Raid, Material Drop, and Equipment Crafting to name a few.

The official Crypto Dynasty app can be downloaded at and for those looking to get started, we highly recommend the following starter guides by Co-Founder of Wombat Wallet Adrian Krion.


EOS blockchain Games Womplay Wombat wallet earn rewards

Speaking of Wombat, the team has not only made gaming a whole lot easier on EOS with their free to create EOS accounts and easy on-boarding social login Wombat Wallet, but now a lot more appealing through the introduction of Womplay. Although not technically a game in itself, Womplay deserves mention here for the simple reason that it is a hub and rewards platform designed for gamers to interact with the games they love and get EOS rewards in return.

In addition to Prospectors, Upland, Crypto Dynasty, Chain Clash, and EOS Racing, Womplay offers a variety of different games both on and off of the blockchain allowing for earning potential. What is most fascinating about this actually, just in case you missed it the first time around, is that through the Wombat wallet, Womplay actually allows for the earning of EOS rewards for games not directly built on EOS or even the blockchain. This is achieved through four different activity types on Womplay to earn rewards: Quick Play, Performance Based Challenges, Routine In Game Actions, and Cash Out Events.

To learn more about the specifics, Check out Womplay FAQ: What Is It, and How Can You Make EOS With It as well as #BuiltOnEOSIO’s How Spielworks Built a Crypto Rewards and Loyalty Platform on EOSIO. You can also learn more about both the Wombat Wallet and Womplay in this recent ChirpCast EOSIO Weekly Update interview segment with founder and CEO of Spielworks and co-founder of Wombat Wallet Adrian Krion.

The Future of EOS Games

The future of gaming on EOS presents both advantages and challenges, particularly in terms of cost, as for blockchain-based games, each action is equivalent to one transaction. Although some games have taken to moving to other chains such as WAX or Telos, there are other solutions to be explored for gaming dapps to be more efficient in their spending.

One such potential path actually comes off the back of a recent announcement with two long standing projects running on EOS concerning the collaboration of a new social game to be built on EOS. Although all details have yet to be released, as founder of Boid John Heeter notes, “since data stored on an EOSIO chain is not encrypted and can get quite expensive quickly, we looked into BlockBase tech to use its built in privacy while also saving on costs.”

Together they are in the planning and building stages of a large scale multiplayer strategy game which will be stored on BlockBase and powered by Boid in an innovative gamified way to be able to integrate in-game actions and customize the cosmetics with such things as NFT`s. The benefits of Boid partnering with BlockBase to utilize a sidechain to encrypt and store all in-game actions at a fraction of the cost it would be on the EOS main net while leveraging scalability, privacy, and developer friendliness could be a very viable solution for an emerging game market on EOS for smaller projects that may lack the resources necessary to realistically launch full scale on the EOS main net.

In the end though, although not without complications, the benefits of gaming on EOS are quickly becoming clear and beginning to attract quite a bit of attention from both gamers and developers alike. With the technological power that is EOSIO, the branding of the EOS Mainnet, and the innovative approach of projects like Womplay to reward users in EOS and BlockBase to scale both in-game actions and cost, gaming on EOS is likely to hold their own at least for the time being against some other very viable and equally exciting EOSIO based chains such as WAX, Telos, and Ultra recently been making moves in the blockchain based gaming industry in their own right.