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After EOS fell from its 2020 high, it has struggled to recover. EOS has lost almost 90% of its peak value. With its parent company, Block.one involved in many controversies and consequent lawsuits, it is understandable why the EOSIO community and traders are hesitant to invest in the token. to reverse this trend, the coin needs to gather bulls. Bullish dominance is slowly returning to the crypto market, and if EOS wants to ride this wave, it needs to make a move fast. Crypto assets are moving below the 20, 50, 100 and 200 daily moving averages. The EOS/BTC pair is at 0.00004745 BTC with an insignificant loss of 0.52%.

Despite the price moving just above the exponential moving average and the volume significantly below average, the trading volume has gained 7% over the intraday trading session. In order to make a successful trend reversal, EOS coin must attract buyers or else it will be left behind in the race of other cryptocurrencies. In the 24 hour period, the price reached a lower low of $0.99. Since the EOS price is still near its all-time low, investors are concerned.

In the last 24 hours, the coin price has fallen by 2.67% to $1.01, which represents a loss of 2.67% in its market capitalization. With a trading volume of 177 million and a gain of 5.82% in the 24 hour trading session, the coin has a market capitalization of 1 billion. The volume market cap ratio for EOS is 0.1776.

EOS Needs Price Boost as MACD & RSI Indicate Bearish Rally 2022

When analyzing the graph for short term (4 hours), we can clearly see the waves of the uptrend, which represent the battle, along with bulls’ overall dominance. More buyers are needed to boost the price. The price has fallen below the exponential moving average. The MACD technical indicator indicates a bearish rally as the MACD signal line is moving above the MACD signal line and the histograms are dropping. Additionally, the relative strength index is in favor of bears this time because selling pressure is increasing, as indicated by the indicator. RSI is below 55.

After the return of bullish dominance over the whole crypto market the EOS price is still battling for an uptrend movement over the daily chart but an uptrend can be observed over the hourly graph. The coin needs to attract more buyers to pump the price. The technical indicators indicate a bearish dominance on the hourly graph.

Resistance levels: $1.12 and $1.22

Support levels: $0.91 and $0.81


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