How to Buy Certik Audited Crypto Token, FirePin 2022 | Biggest Presales After EOSIO ICO That Raised $4 Billion

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New token presales and ICOs are major events in the crypto world. New coins have the potential to change the web 3 scene forever. The blockchain project dubbed as the Ethereum Killer, EOSIO, managed to do just that for a while with its ultra fast transaction speed and Dapp support. With some crypto projects even giving 1000x return on investment after their launch, It is no wonder that investors line up to participate in these token offerings. Investors don’t have crystal balls to predict the future. However, historical data can be used to examine what successful presales mean for investors in the future. As a result, you should be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to participating in FIREPIN’s presale.

EOS Coin Offering Made Crypto News & Presales History in 2018

Due to its crowdfunding campaign’s success, EOS is one of the most recognizable initial coin offerings of all time. EOS was created so that developers could easily create business DApps (decentralized applications). To achieve that goal, EOS raised $4.1 billion in an ICO lasting a year. After the presale, EOS’ price reached a high of around $22 in April 2018. The project is armed with a war chest of cash that allows it to grow, expand, and if necessary, outlive cyclical bear markets.

Earn With FIREPIN’s DeFi NFT Marketplace & Metaverse By Flipping, Minting & Trading

FIREPIN uses blockchain technology and DeFi features to allow users to earn while exploring the metaverse and non-fungible tokens. Additional benefits include farming and staking. FirePin will create a NFT marketplace that will allow both seasoned and novice enthusiasts to search, mint, buy, sell, store, and flip NFTs. FIREPIN is optimized for current cryptocurrency trends and can still adapt to future trends. You can watch your investment grow with this project.

Firepin ($FRPN) DAO to Influence Blockchain Platform’s Roadmap

Firepin believes that investors from all corners of the globe should be able to invest in crypto projects at an early stage, without prejudice or favour. It aims to attract retail investors who want to invest in a project that makes a positive contribution to society while also accelerating global crypto adoption. The FIREPIN platform will have a DAO and FRPN token holders will be able to vote on major decisions affecting the platform. Investors should therefore have the project’s best interests at heart as their votes could influence the direction the project takes.

Investments from institutions are also welcome to support the project and contribute to its growth. In the presale, FIREPIN’s goal is to raise enough capital to ramp up its marketing and development strategies so that it can meet its goals outlined in the roadmap. It is an opportunity for long-term or short-term investors who wish to hold an appreciating FRPN token. The goal is up to you.


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