How Softwares Like Nodeos, Demux & Explorer Make EOSIO Blockchain a Good Investment | EOS Token News 2022

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EOS is a cryptocurrency that runs on its own blockchain. EOSIO is the open-source blockchain which was led by the company Dan Larimer led the project to achieve a whopping 4 billion valuation, which has long plummeted from its peak. With the formation of ENF and departure from, the EOS blockchain is a promising crypto project once more. Features like Nodeos, Demux and the Explorer framework have the potential to revolutionize Web 3 as a whole. Regular hackathons also ensure that EOS has access to new problem solving technologies and talent. All of these factors indicate that EOS will be a major player in the industry in the coming years, and investors should keep an eye out.

Cryptocurrencies are in the news. EOS wants more enterprise users. EOSIO wants to make EOS easier, faster, and simpler to use.  EOS ranks among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. EOS has a market capitalization of USD 2,396,175,638 according to Bloomberg. One EOS is currently valued at USD 2.65. The daily trading volume is approximately USD 346 million:

  • There are approximately 980 million EOS coins in circulation.
  • There are 1,046,231,097 coins available for trading.
  • By generating EOS blocks, users receive rewards.
  • EOS can be stored in a variety of digital wallets, including MetaMask, Ethereum wallet, and MyEtherWallet.

How to Buy EOS Coin on Coinbase, Binance, Bithumb, Huobi & Other Major Exchanges

You can buy and sell EOS on Coinbase Exchange, Binance, Bithumb, Bybit, Huobi Global, and others. Like most cryptocurrencies, EOS’s trading patterns are volatile. Future EOS prices could rise or fall based on trade volumes.  Experts say it is difficult to predict future EOS price movements:

  • EOS traded at a record high of $22.89 in 2018
  • At year’s end, EOS was trading at $1.60.
  • EOS reached a high of $15.01 in 2021.

EOS Launch Attracted Paypal’s Peter Thiel, Louis Bacon & Christian Angermayer as Investors, Raised $4.2 B in ICO

The Wall Street Journal reports that EOS got off to a volatile start:

  • Blockone, which was founded in 2017, developed EOS. In a white paper published by the firm’s management, the advantages of EOS B2B use are outlined.
  • Blockone raised USD 4.2 B through EOS’s initial coin offering (ICO), which at the time was the largest ICO. By comparison, Ether’s ICO raised just USD 20 million. U.S. investors were not able to participate in the initial offering. Blockone’s founders received about 10 percent of the deal.
  • PayPal’s Peter Thiel, Louis Bacon (Moore Capital), Alan Howard (Brevan Howard), and Christian Angermayer (ATAI Life Sciences) were among the initial investors, according to Bloomberg. Blockone said it would support a broader adoption and use of blockchain technology.

By enabling more transactions per second than its competitors, EOS aims to provide greater scalability. The company hopes to attract more enterprise users.


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