Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz Adds EOS to Crypto Portfolio & Net Worth |’s Valuation & Bitcoin Holdings After Cryptology Investment

58 sec read develops blockchain software products that help people build an integrity-focused world. says its two primary products are its venture capital arm and cryptocurrency, and it aims to provide the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. The team offers “end-to-end solutions” that bring companies, investors, and institutions together on the blockchain through a variety of different services. demonstrates a business-centric approach to implementing decentralized systems.

Cryptology is one of’s largest investors. It now holds about 4.9% of the company. Cryptology Asset Group, a European investment company backed by Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz, made a further $49 million investment in An announcement Thursday said Cryptology owns about 4.9% of, already one of the firm’s largest institutional investors.

Cryptology, which is currently listed in Germany, is considering an international listing to enhance liquidity and open up to new shareholder groups, according to an announcement. The company plans to split its stock, currently trading about €145 per share, by issuing 20 new shares for every existing one, it said in a statement.
Earlier this month, launched Bullish, a venture focused on launching a new crypto exchange later this year with over $10 billion in cash and digital assets, including 164,000 bitcoins. After Bullish was announced a little over a month ago, the company is already in talks to go public by merging with fintech-focused SPAC Far Peak Acquisition. Cryptology announced earlier this month that it would invest $100 million in crypto venture funds over the next two years. The company’s founder, Christian Angermayer, said it will take equity stakes in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related businesses on a global scale.


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