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Caveat: This article is about Tamadoge with some very valuable insight about EOS as well – a trend they hope to mimic as they grow. Both are worthy investments looking into though. The comparison is more about how coin and token values can increase year on year, especially if they offer great utility. Two completely different offerings, with one that has put a lot of effort into creating a project that could see investments increase in value quite significantly.

Have a look. You might be pleasantly surprised at how curious you become and want to find out more!

As always, do your due diligence. Research and read the project audits. Never invest blindly just because … ‘they said so’.

EOS Price Prediction Looks Great!

The EOS coin is the native token of the EOSIO network that focuses on providing users with a decentralized operating system built on blockchain technology. The system is designed to provide dApp developers with all the tools they need to complete projects.

The project was first announced in 2017 and gathered $4 billion in investments by 2018. That made it one of the largest crowdfunded cryptos, but is it still a good investment? Stay with us as we go over EOS price predictions for the next few years and more details about another project that could be the biggest gainer in 2022 – Tamadoge.

EOS is expected to stay relevant for the next few years as one of the most successful crypto projects on the markets. Moreover, its features are becoming more sought by blockchain developers all over the world, which will undoubtedly help drive the price of EOS coins higher in the next decade.

EOS Global is currently partnering up with dozens of blockchain projects which need fast transactions and a flexible dApp platform. EOS facilitates exponential speed of transactions with a maximum of 2 million transactions per second. EOS practically acts like a catalyst that enables lightspeed transactions on a global scale. Therefore it has an extensive application in decentralized apps and the DeFi ecosystem. Here is a quick overview of EOS price predictions for 2022-2025.

YearPrice Prediction

As you can see, EOS is currently valued at $1.44 and should stay close to the $1.50 mark by the end of 2022. If the platform continues growing at a steady pace, a single EOS coin could reach a maximum of $1.47 by the end of 2022. As the number of users keeps increasing in 2023, the token’s trading volume should also grow, resulting in a significant price increase in 2023. The EOS token is expected to reach $2.05 by the end of the year. It should continue growing steadily to $2.92 by the end of 2024.

However, the growth doesn’t stop there. In fact, 2025 should be the best year for the EOS token, as it’s predicted to reach as much as $4.90 by the end of the year. That means that EOS should grow by close to 300$ in the next three years, which makes it an excellent investment at the moment.

If you want to consider investing in other crypto projects that might also have very high growth, you could check out Tamadoge, the newest meme coin that is thought to lead to 100x gains in the next year or two.

All about Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a new meme coin that will raise the bar for all other similar tokens. It’s the latest addition to the DOGE ecosystem, and it uses the success of meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu as leverage to attract investors. It’s also the first ever meme coin project set in a metaverse, Play-to-Earn games, and a built-in NFT store.

The goal of the game is to raise a digital pet. It’s loosely based on a popular game from the 90s called Tamagochi, and like in the original, players have to feed their animals and ensure they are healthy so they can be used in battle. Every time you win a battle, you get Dogepoints as a reward, and the players with the most points at the end of each month get TAMA tokens from the prize pool.

The TAMA tokens are used for all transactions within the Tamaverse. You need them to buy pets, toys, clothes, accessories, foods, and other items from the Tama NFT Petstore. TAMA tokens come with a zero transaction fee, which is always an excellent addition. The platform also offers dozens of exciting play-to-earn games and a PvP battle arena where users can put their strongest pets to the test against other users. Moreover, the project aims to add new games, pets, and full AR support in late 2022, which will drive more value to the platform.

How to Buy TAMA?

Although the Tamadoge presale started only recently, investors worldwide have already done their part to capitalize on this incredible investment opportunity.

Check out this guide if you want to become a Tamadoge community member and potentially get rich by investing in Tamadoge. The step-by-step guide will explain each process in great detail, so make sure to read it carefully.

Once you complete all the steps, you’ll be a proud owner of your first Tamadoge token.

Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet  

  • If you don’t already have one, you first need to create a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.
  • Most wallets are simple to create and are completely free. With that said, we recommend that you go with MetaMask since it includes multi-chain support.
  • Go to MetaMask’s official website, press “Download,” and follow the instructions to set it up.

Step 2 – Buy ETH/USDT 

  • You can buy TAMA coins only through Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both of these cryptos can be acquired through the major crypto exchange platform.
  • However, you also have the option to purchase ETH directly via credit/debit card on Tamadoge’s official presale platform.
  • After you buy ETH/USDT, transfer the tokens into your crypto wallet.

Step 3 – Connect the Crypto Wallet with Tamadoge’s Presale Platform  

  • Go to the official Tamadoge website and press ‘Buy.’
  • Next, click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and pick your wallet provider. You’ll see a bunch of instructions pop up; follow them to finish the connection process.

Step 4 – Purchase Tamadoge  

  • Type in the exact amount of TAMA coins that you want to buy (the minimum is 10,000) and press ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT.’
  • Double-check the information you entered and confirm the transaction if everything is correct.

Step 5 – Claim the Tokens  

  • Lastly, all that’s left for you to do is claim the Tamadoge tokens.
  • But, you should know that the ‘Claim’ option will be available only once the presale ends.

EOS Is Set To Grow, Grow, Grow!

As we already mentioned, the EOS coin is one of history’s largest crowdfunded crypto projects. It’s designed by a team of experts who aim to build a fully decentralized blockchain that speeds up transactions and reduces fees. EOS was born, and it started snowballing as soon as it was released.

EOS is similar to ETH as it promotes scalability and dApp development. However, EOS is also free, so anyone can create a dApp other users can access and use at will. In addition, the platform’s native token EOS can be staked and used for all purchases within the network.

All of the factors above contribute to EOSIO’s growth. Moreover, many Ethereum projects are moving to EOS as it’s more scalable than ETH. EOS offers a complete blockchain calling solution with low transaction fees and a well-rounded platform. Its immense fame and massive community are likely to grow, leading to an increase in value and the price of EOS tokens in the years to come.

Comparing TAMA to EOS

The two platforms operate in entirely different ecosystems, so comparing them is difficult. EOS is designed for dApp development and faster transactions based on smart contracts, while Tamadoge is a play-to-earn game set in a metaverse. Both projects are considered excellent investments, but TAMA has more room for growth since it’s still in its earliest stages.

EOS has been around for a few years already, and even though investing in it will likely lead to higher returns in the future, TAMA is a better option. It’s a blockchain project for the masses and you still have a chance to become one of the early investors. Looking at things historically,  people who invest in crypto projects early on are the ones who get the highest returns.

Tamadoge is a meme coin project with excellent utility, something that was never a thing among this type of token. However, TAMA also offers a vibrant virtual reality where players can hang out, take care of their pets, explore the world, and compete for valuable prizes. Once the project goes live, anyone can play the game from their smartphone. As the awareness about the project spreads, the daily token trade will keep growing, and the diminishing supply of tokens will drive their price to new highs daily.

You can buy TAMA tokens by heading to the official Tamadoge website. Just create a profile and load your account with cash. Tamadoge supports debit/credit card payments, USDT and ETH.

There is no minimum investment, but the recommended amount is $150.

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