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Karma EOS

The Karma App Tokenizes Goodwill

Founded by Dallas Rushing and Matthew Spataro and launched in 2018, The Karma App allows users to receive KARMA through upvoted posts of the goodwill they have shown to others. Their goal is to create tokenized incentives for those who live a life of good deeds shown to others with the hope that it will create a ripple effect and grow in communities.

Every single day, billions of humans interact with one another. Broadly speaking, the majority of these interactions are positive. Creating a reward system for these actions through tokenization will be the fuel needed for the exponential growth of human goodwill towards one another. Their vision is to change the way that charity is done and organized around the world.

Helping the wealthy empower the less fortunate

Both co-founders live in Medellin, Colombia. Their apartment is centered between the more industrial business area and the rest of the city. This city has such an energy to it despite the fact that many people living in most parts of the city don’t have much. They came up with the idea while thinking about how to incentivize individuals in wealthier areas to help those in need, while simultaneously empowering those living in less fortunate areas to help their communities and be able to earn something of value for themselves in the process.

Karma dApp Team Members

Dallas Rushing is a YouTuber who teaches audiences about blockchain technologies and is also an entrepreneur. He has a digital marketing business, MegaTakeoff.com. Matthew Spataro is the founder of multiple software projects and a blockchain enthusiast. He focuses mainly on marketing and partnerships for KARMA. 

Leo Ribeiro is the creator of one of the first EOS DAPPs, MonsterEOS. He is an experienced fintech software engineer focused on everything blockchain and smart contract-related. Dallas Johnson is focused on building KARMA for IOS users and is a developer with extensive experience working in the tech hubs of London and Melbourne. His focus has been on mobile banking — particularly in reducing the friction between security and usability on the iOS platform. He also currently works with eosDAC. 

John Williamson is focused on building KARMA for Android users. He is experienced in React and Node.JS, with a focus on EOSIO smart contract development and integration. And Corvin Meyer auf der Heide is focused on the backend and the Web Client for KARMA. He is an experienced developer at a European data privacy consultancy and has more than five years of experience as a Full-Stack-Developer.

Why the EOSIO blockchain?

Dallas and Matthew felt that a project like KARMA needed to be on a blockchain for several reasons. Transparency went hand-in-hand with the KARMA project and would be essential both initially and for some of the features that were to come. Transparency and accountability are key ingredients missing from the majority of charities in the world today.

They also felt that this was a perfect project for the EOS Community. EOSIO gave them the ability to provide users with instant and feeless transactions. In their view, it was the only blockchain protocol that enabled them to provide a great user experience for their users and could support KARMA as the project scaled up to millions of users.

How did the EOSIO Community respond to the Karma App project?

Dallas said that the community had been excellent. They had countless people in the community offering ideas for the project and offering help in connecting them with the right people in the space. People like Nathan James, Michael Yeates, Sam Kazemian, Luke Stokes, and Denis Carriere have been extremely supportive. They were also invited to present at the Tulip Conference in San Francisco and did a Skype interview to present KARMA to EOS Israel. There were no shortage of intelligent people willing to help out within the community.

Dallas Rushing speaking at Tulip Conference 2018 in San Francisco

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