Uncloak Cyber Security dApp Built On EOSIO Blockchain Rewards Hackers | Decentralized Network Of Vulnerability Scanner Tools

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EOS App Spotlight

The Uncloak web-based cyber security solution is a simple, cost-effective way for businesses and companies to secure their computing equipment by monitoring and protecting themselves from cyber threats. They can stay one step ahead of malicious hackers through a global and secure decentralized network of cyber security scanners.

As the world’s first blockchain-powered cyber-threat solution, Uncloak incentivizes registered cyber security experts and white-hat hackers to seek and solve pending cyber threats and rewards them through a fully automated system. This collective global effort makes the process of discovering security issues significantly faster, cheaper, and more effective.

After spending 15 years working in cyber security consultancy, it was apparent to Tayo Dada, that the IT sector was unable to keep up with hackers, with new threats appearing on a daily basis, often involving sizable amounts of money and/or data being stolen. It was also apparent that the overwhelming majority of companies could not afford to purchase ad hoc cyber security services, or were unaware of the dangers until they had been hacked themselves. All businesses — large, medium, and small — have similar security requirements for protecting their infrastructure. Uncloak’s vulnerability scanner helps them to eliminate the threat of cyber insecurity.

Uncloak Team Members

Tayo Dada is a cybersecurity expert with 20 years of experience in the field. He manages a 15-strong core team that offers a well-rounded mix of cybersecurity, blockchain, and business development expertise. Jae Chung is their Senior Developer and his skillsets cover EOS development, C, C++, and Java. Brendan Sturm is a Blockchain Developer with experience in ERC-20, Solidity, token development, DAPP development, and Python. Nick Banks is their Commercial Director and has taken a number of tech companies to market globally. Vincent O’Neill is a security expert with over 30 years of experience in security operations across government, intelligence, and commercial sectors.

Why Uncloak was Built on EOSIO Blockchain?

The immutability of the blockchain provides a whole new level of protection. EOSIO offers high-speed, highly-secure Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain, whose technology has been tried and tested on other successful platforms such as Steemit and Bitshares. Uncloak uses the platform for a number of things, including permissioned access to data from different groups of users, obfuscated data management for ensuring that customer information is kept private, a time-lock on data, and storage of IP/copyright data for hunters who find new vulnerabilities.

EOS communities offer opportunities to engage at multiple events

Tayo says, “The EOS community is very tight-knit, and everybody wants to help each other out, from block producers to developers. Members of the HKEOS Block Producer team were instrumental in connecting us with investors and advisors in the region. The EOS communities in Hong Kong, the UK, and Ireland offered us the opportunity to engage the community through keynotes in multiple events, including the EOS mainnet launch event in London. Greg Leffel, our business development/community manager, has been instrumental in engaging with the EOS community.”

More information on the Uncloak app is available on www.uncloak.io

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