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EOS Bullish After Reaching Intraday Trading Peak of $2.52 After Month Long Low

To begin the weekend, EOS prices rose for a second consecutive session, reaching their highest level in over ten days. During the Saturday session, EOS/USD reached an intraday peak of $2.52 after trading at a low of $2.34 on Friday. EOS’s price has been this high since April 7, after moving away from the long-term support level earlier in the week. Based on the chart, the floor was at $2.20, which was reached after two weeks of declines that began at $3.17. Price strength has been rising since this low, which also saw the 14-day RSI hit a multi-month low of 36.34. Should this resistance point be broken, bulls may push price towards the $2.65 level.

Biggest Movers: WAVES, GMT, and EOS Among Big Gainers on Easter Weekend

WAVES/USD Crypto Price Predicted to Rise, Bulls to Buy Dip

On Saturday, WAVES was also up, as traders appear to have found a floor after a recent bearish run. In a similar fashion to EOS, WAVES prices have been battling a red wave since March 29, which is when the recent bear market in crypto markets started. During this run, WAVES has dropped to a bottom of $20 on Thursday, which is its lowest point in five weeks, and an area where bulls typically re-enter. WAVE/USD has risen to a high of $22.89 in today’s session, after beginning the day near the $20.57 level. The 14-day RSI shows that price strength has been consolidating for the past few days, as it sits at 35.70. This is the lowest level the RSI has tracked since February, and with prices being undoubtedly oversold, bulls may take advantage of this to buy recent dips.

Biggest Movers: WAVES, GMT, and EOS Among Big Gainers on Easter Weekend
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